Seven ways to eat healthily and exercise

Seven ways to eat healthily and exercise

Seven ways to eat healthy and exercise

Do you know Michael Pollan? He is an American writer and activist and is so popular for his advice to improve the American diet that even the Obama family follows him.

Yolanda Vazquez Mazarigo

 Seven  tips to eat better without losing your mind

  1. Do not eat anything that does not spoil. Until 50 years ago, preserving food was a constant concern for surviving winters or poor harvests, but now, how can slices of bread last for months without spoiling? Michael Pollan advises eating for life and buying fresh, perishable foods every week that we can now eat all year round.
  2.        Shop on the walls of supermarkets, not in the aisles. This rule is based on avoiding processed foods since in American supermarkets it is the refrigerated areas with processed, processed, frozen, and ready-to-eat foods, which are the staple diet of many Americans and which have become popular in our homes as well. In the end, it comes back to point 1, which is to eat fresh food and cook at home every day.
  3. –       Try to eat like your grandparents. Our diet is now more varied and complete than that of our ancestors, but it is also full of highly variable foods. And it’s not the same as eating your grandmother’s donuts from packaged pretzels. They don’t taste the same, they don’t cost the same and yes, they do take time and passion to cook them in the kitchen, but you still only eat them when you really feel like it, not every day when you wake up. So ask yourself what your grandfather would think about what you’re eating now before you put it in your mouth. How do I do sports nutrition “grandparents”?

Well, when I have a question about what I should eat to have energy in training, I think my grandparents drank when they went to work in the fields, or when they had to organize the pantry. They had something in their backpack (cheese, bread, fresh fruit, dried fruit, nuts, butchery, etc.) because there were no refrigerators, plastic packaging briquettes, or aluminum foil. They managed and learned to eat less and save something for later I remember my grandmother saying that there was always a good broth or stew with legumes, vegetables, and some pork or chicken on the stove. They had a lot of fruits and vegetables to eat naturally and made preserves to keep them through the winter.

  • 4-       Eat well-fed animals. Now we can eat steak every day but at what cost? It’s not just about cholesterol and obesity, but the environment and animal ethics should make us question what meat we eat and at what price. He recommends checking the origin to eat good quality meat several times a week. Which meat to choose? Little and good choice. It doesn’t have to be “organic” meat, but it’s better if it has a label of origin and we buy it cut in the butcher’s store, not in plastic trays. A reflection on meat and ancestors: we are mostly a culture of pigs and rabbits. It is best to keep chickens for laying eggs, which is another good source of protein. The chicken ended up in stews and dishes.

Sheep and cows would give milk for cheese or if they were to eat, they were eaten soft, like lambs or calves, and in season. Slaughtering has played a fundamental role in our food culture.

  • 5- Whiter, fewer years old. This rule refers to the whiteness of refined flour and white bread. Previously, flour was obtained after transporting wheat to the mill, and on that day bread was baked all week. Now everything uses refined flour, which for Paulan is as addictive as white sugar, which is why it’s hard for us to stop when we start eating a loaf of white bread. His advice is to switch back to wholegrain flours and bread. What bread do I eat?

 Until recently, bread was a luxury food, especially white. The bread was eaten in small quantities and the loaf lasted for a week for the whole family. Later it became the food of a poor man, with a loaf of bread, and killed hunger when there was nothing to fill it. Now I would say that we have both: “luxury bread”, with whole grains, mother yeasts, various additives, and high quality but very expensive bread. And another “poor bread”, from pre-cooked slabs that are put in the oven and sold as the bread of the day, but they have little bread, they are not recommended carbohydrates, it is better not to eat such bread.

  • 6-       Eat plants, especially those with leaves. It is advised that the basis of the diet is vegetables, fruits, vegetables, and fresh vegetables and if they are green and with leaves, without cooking. And so we return to a simpler and healthier diet. How much green to eat?
  • 7-       Do not eat food that tastes the same anywhere in the world. It’s a mystery how some fast-food chains make hamburgers, french fries, or chicken nuggets taste as good in China as they do in the United States, although this is as valuable to many as it is to Poulan, and the fake foods are packed and ready to eat. For those who don’t know how to appreciate the flavors